Home SEO New Title & Description Limits for Google SEO in Search Results

New Title & Description Limits for Google SEO in Search Results

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New Title & Description Rules for Google SEO in Search Results

Google has been updated with new rules for Title & Description lengths of web pages that helps to bring top on search engines.

Previously it has some restrictions in the use of text or characters in Title tag and description tag for every web page.  So here I am giving the updated and latest rules of using charecters and text limit in Title and Meta Description tags

For Title tag:

Title tag have been increased to 70-71 characters, earlier it has 50-60 characters limit

For Description Tag:

Description tags have also increased with 16-20 characters per line.  The new description length per page is 100 characters.

Like this you can add two more words in title tag and 100 charecters in description tag. So you can improve search visibility and ranking of your website


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