Automatic payment pending Adsense | Solved

I know the importance of every month 21st for bloggers and the YouTubers who are earning money through Google adsense. Because I am also one of person like you but I use both website, blog and YouTube to earn money as my part time meanwhile doing job as Digital Marketing Analyst in one of reputed company in India. 

automatic payment pending

Here I came up with a tip or solution for the people who are worrying or scaring or feeling tensed by seeing a notification like automatic payment pending “Automatic payment pending: Wire transfer to bank account • • • • xxx” on your adsense payment section on 21st of any month. Yes, it is a very very scariest thing for the bloggers and youtubers.

Don’t worry if you see like automatic payment pending in your Adsense it should be issued in couple of days. The thing is you need to scare if you didn’t get that pending notification also on 21st of every month even you have reached payment threshold on your Adsense account

adsense payment pending november

Reasons to get pending status:

  • It may be a public holiday at their area
  • It may be a Saturday or Sunday
  • It may be a first time for your payment through wire transfer
  • It may be a new bank address you added for that particular month 

Like this it has many reasons to show your automatic payment pending on your adsense. As per the Goolge Adsense policies it will release our payments in the dates of 21st to 26th so you need to contact or give feedback to Adsense team if you didn’t get an automatic payment issued on your Adsense confirmation mail to register

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