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Things you should know About Instagram Settings

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Everyone is addicted to selfies and showing more interest to share pictures to tell people or to world about what they are doing right now. Instagram has come to share pictures to show all users who followed us on Instagram. It is becoming more popular and using by celebrities throughout world. Every FB user or account will have Insta account by logged in using same facebook account. Like this we have so many features in mobile app where has missing all available features from web application.

Here I am going to share all the things which you don’t know about settings in Instagram app. You can make these changes from any device and OS like android, windows and IOS. Let’s go through one by one and given live demos also for clear understanding about Instagram settings.

Instagram Settings that you don’t know about App

1. Linking Social Media accounts:

Social media is becoming more popular and using by more people because it is the perfect way to promote brands or business within short time with more reach of brand. Here we have an option to connect Instagram with all social media accounts

2. Clear search History

We may search so many things like people and products through Instagram search to check and follow more people. Here you have an option to reset or clear search history to stop showing suggestions from previous searches when you search something in future.

3. Block Comments if it has inappropriate words in comment text

We may get comments for so many users or our followers for our status and posts on Instagram. Few people will be there to post comments with inappropriate words on Instagram. Here you can block some comments if they used words which you don’t like. You can add specific keywords to block comment if it has those keywords which you added in block comments

4. Hide Posts from Specific people

Every user may have issues with specific people from their followers or friends. We may wish to hide our stories and posts from specific people who are following you on Instagram. Here we can use blocking someone from seeing your posts.

5. Unblock Followers on Insta

Blocking someone is very easy in Insta but it is somewhat difficult to unblock Instagram followers which you have blocked earlier. Because it will not show directly to see whom you blocked previously so I am giving a perfect tip to check or know where we can check blocked contacts on Instagram and how to unblock them.

6. Default uploads clarity

It will reduce the clarity and opacity of every image when you upload on Instagram account through app or web application. but no one knows that has option to set default upload to share pictures with original clarity.

7. Get Notifications to Mobile

Every time we will not sit and browse Instagram to check activities which you get for your posts like comments, likes and reactions. You can get notifications to mobile if you set to get notifications to mobile. So that you will get alerts for comments, likes etc for your posts and statuses

8. Block someone from Instagram Web

Everyone knows that how to block followers on Instagram through mobile application but people were confused to block someone from Instagram web version. Here I am giving step by step method to know how to block insta followers through web application instead of blocking through mobile application

9. Hiding Instagram ID for few days

We can hide our ID to stop visible to people even your account without deactivation. You can stop visibility of your instagram account without deactivate account that I have given here clearly. Use this technique to hide account for temporary

10.Deactivate Instagram Account permanently

There is no option to deactivate insta account permanently but you have an option to deactivate for temporary. You can use this method to block temporarily and you don’t open or log on to your account for few days or month. It will be deactivate permanently
Few more things that we can make changes to our account on Instagram

11.Change Language on Instagram

Yes, we can change language to our preferred language every time. why can’t we use this Instagram language change option. Use this article and learn how to change language of Instagram account


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