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Social Media Practices that Boost SEO

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“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, direction, and a value as an individual” -David Amerland

Today, business who want to get more online exposure or generate more traffic can rely on two juggernauts known as social media and search engine optimization (SEO for brevity). It has been said that while one can work individual on its own, you would make more impact and see more results if you used one in conjunction to the other. After all, there is a myriad of social media practices that are integral to boosting your SEO and as a digital marketing agency in the Philippines or elsewhere, identifying what these are would be paramount to your marketing campaigns.

While SEO has been seen to be a trusted and relied practice of generating traffic, social media is where most of your potential customers are lurking. Think of it this way: SEO would be the technique in getting potential customers while social media would serve as the infinite resource for this. Take note: Both are tightly interwoven strategies in such a way that both would focus on building an appealing identity that would attract visitors naturally. By utilizing social media in your SEO practices, you can doubly improve your social media reach. In this regard, understanding the relationship between the two and identifying what social media practices would contribute to boosting your SEO would be pivotal to your online marketing campaign. if you wish to see any significant improvement in your website traffic, you should steer some of your endeavors into improving your social media profile. In any case, here are some social media practices that are known to boost your SEO:

Growing your total number of followers

While they might seemingly look like numbers, your number of followers and connection contributes to the effectivity of your SEO practices. Furthermore, they can leverage your search rankings. To illustrate, a company that only has a handful of followers will not nearly get as much exposure (nor ranking bonus) as a company with a million followers and likes on Twitter and Facebook.  However, this does not mean that you should go and arbitrarily obtain these followers. Google can be quite meticulous in checking the quality of your followers. This means that those million proxy Twitter followers will not cut it. Focus on building your following organically instead.

Encourage Social Sharing

Brand awareness plays an important role in leveraging your search rankings. In this regard, it would then therefore mean that social sharing is a necessary practice in boosting your SEO. In fact, enhanced social sharing is one of the guaranteed ways to increase brand awareness and improving your campaign in the process. To encourage social sharing, make sure you routinely post compelling and captivating content.

Optimizing Posts for awareness

As Google tends to favor popular social media updates in the top sections of its SERP, it would then be useful to optimize your existing posts on social media for searches. Although this is regarded as somewhat a temporary position, it will still give you an edge over your competitors. With this in mind, you should always ensure that your posts on social media, whether new or old are optimized for this opportunity.

Locally-optimized posts

One of the excellent ways to build brand awareness is to engage with the local community. Social media gives you the unique opportunity by sending local-specific authority signals to major search engines. While there is a variety of ways to do this, the easiest avenue for locally optimizing your posts is to get involved in a local event and interacting with other establishments and local brands on social media. Things such as local festival, tradeshows and other events would be useful in leveraging your brand awareness. Take photos and make a relevant post out of it and encourage other local residents to comment. Not only would this reinforce your participation in the local community, but it increases your visibility in local searches as well.

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