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Six Top Countries with Affordable Higher Education


Studying overseas is a good thing for every student. For one thing, studying abroad has a lot of real perks that accrue to the students. It is for this reason that a lot of students always look forward to getting into a foreign school to study their preferred course.

Some positives associated with studying abroad include the following.

  • Opportunity to mingle with people from different walks of life, learn from and imbibe their culture and way of life
  • The opportunity to increase your network and create meaningful friendships across different groups of people.
  • The opportunity to have a taste of freedom, and to also get the chance to take responsibility for yourself.
  • Opportunity to visit and know new places, tap into the resources that you would have otherwise not gotten locally, and so on.

These and many other benefits are the reason why Indian students should go overseas to learn in higher institutions outside India. Also, international students get more recognition and are valued more than their locally trained counterparts in the Indian job market.

If you are one of the students that are interested in studying abroad, then you might want to know the best countries to choose to study at. The state of your choice will have a significant impact on the quality of education you get, and the cost of acquiring knowledge as well as a couple of other things. It is for this reason that we have compiled this list of the 6  top countries with higher education that you can choose for the pursuit of your higher education outside India.

Below are the top 6 countries with affordable tuition fees recommended for every Indian student that wants to study overseas

  • Germany

Germany ranks high among the international destinations for students looking for foreign higher institutions of learning. The reason for this is because the country has a scholarship scheme that is well-organized and available for every qualified student, whether local or international. The scholarship scheme avails students with the opportunity to reside, study, and work in the country. Also, for most of the public schools in the state, the tuition fee is either free or available at a very affordable cost.

There are also a lot of courses of study for students to choose from across engineering, medicine, law, and other fields from some of the top schools in the country.

  • Sweden

Sweden makes it to the list! The country boasts of clean surroundings, a pleasant learning atmosphere, affordable cost of living, friendly culture and citizens, and a lot of other factors that contribute to enjoyable and worthwhile learning experiences.

Also, the country has a scholarship scheme (the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship grant) that allows both foreign and local students to study their choice of course regardless of their ability to pay their tuition fees or not.

Sweden is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities like the Uppsala University, well known for conducting extensive research and providing top-notch quality of education to its students. There’s also the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a host of other respectable institutions of higher learning.

  • Finland

Finland has over 14 high rated universities and 24 polytechnics. It has a very extensive curriculum that is an international standard, and it competes favorably with most of the other top institutions of higher learning around the world. The country is known as the home of architectural and design studies, environmental sciences, and technology courses.

Another encouraging information about the country is the cost of education. Public schools in Finland charge no tuition fees for Doctorate programs and have full scholarship schemes for undergraduate and masters students that are deemed as qualified.

However, the tuition fee itself is affordable, and additionally, the country’s cost of living is very minimal and does not put a strain on students’ budgets. The institutions in Finland also offer most of their programs in English which means that students do not necessarily have to learn the local language before learning.i

  • Russia

MBBS in Russia is highly competitive in comparison to other top-rated medical schools in other countries. Asides medical field of study, the country also has different areas of education like engineering, science, arts, and so on. The country offers scholarships for foreign and local students alike.

It is a welcoming environment for Indian students that want to widen their horizons by pursuing their higher education in foreign countries outside of India.

Another praise for studying in Russia is the affordable rate of tuition fees which makes it easy on students’ budgets. Also, the country has a lot of English-taught courses for international students and local students alike.

  • Austria

Austria is well known for its diverse cultures and beautiful landscape. Asides from these attractive characteristics, Austria also has a top-notch educational system. For this reason, it is a highly recommended destination country for Indian students who want to journey to a foreign nation for their higher education.

Also, like the rest of the countries on this list, Austria has an educational system that is highly affordable as it provides low tuition but quality education to every one of its students. i.e. foreign and local students alike. The country is home to the prestigious and world-renowned University of Vienna, as well as a lot of other higher institutions of learning that offer students quality education at an affordable cost.

It is noteworthy also that the country’s cost of living is very affordable. It is for this reason that the country qualifies as a destination country for Indian students looking for affordable and quality higher education.

  • Ukraine

Without much ado, Ukraine is another of the top countries that Indian students can explore to get affordable and quality foreign education. Also, like Russia, MBBS in Ukraine is of the same quality as other top medical degrees from top acclaimed medical universities in different countries of the world. Coupled with low cost and high standard of living, as well as a lot of available courses, scholarships, and so on, Ukraine is a top destination for getting quality education outside of India.

All these countries are highly affordable for international students and are highly recommended for every and any Indian student that wants to pursue higher education in a foreign country.


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