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Learn iOS 15 Usability Features for Better Experience


With security enhancements and some advanced improvements, iOS 15 was launched a couple of months back as a major iPhone software update. iOS 15 is designed to enhance user experience with refinements to FaceTime calls and easy management of Safari tabs.

So let’s see why this latest iPhone software update is in the limelight for all good reasons.

Check the Focus Mode

iOS 15 comes integrated with the Focus mode that allows you to put all your energy into something you are doing currently. The custom filters enable you to distinguish between work and leisure time. You may do this by disabling the apps that you don’t want to receive notifications from.

The feature helps you keep your work and productivity apps silent while you are playing a game or recording a video. Similarly, it disables notifications from social platforms and other apps to prevent distraction while you are working or studying.

Ensure Better Privacy

With the addition of App Security Report in the Privacy section under Settings, you can turn the option On by clicking Record App Activity. The report displays which iPhone sensors are used by different apps along with the domain information in the last seven days.

If you are new to iOS 15 and want to know how to protect iphone from hackers, you may navigate to the Settings and select Hide IP Address under Safari. Turn on the toggle button available for Hackers and Websites, and you are all set to go.

Drag & Drop Between Apps

You can drag and drop selected text or images between apps quite effortlessly. Before iOS 15, if you ever wanted to add a block of text or a fun image to your message, you had to follow multiple steps to get it done right.

With the new software update, you can simply select the image or the text area, drag, and drop it to the accurate place where you want it to be. It prevents you from downloading any image to the local drive for use in your next project or presentation.

Watch Shows With Others

If your friends have decided to watch an upcoming thriller series together over the last FaceTime chat, it’s time to bring this to reality. iOS 15 has made it easier than ever before, and you can share anything over social platforms.

The new SharePlay feature allows you to share sites and videos with your friends while you are on a FaceTime chat. You can share your iPhone screen, sync music playlist, or watch a YouTube video with your friends or siblings over FaceTime.

Group Tabs in Safari

If you are accustomed to opening multiple tabs while writing an article or comparing the websites to search for the best deals available online, this can be a power tip for you. You can group tabs in the Safari browser to save time that you spend hunting for the tab you just find helpful.

Click on the tab button available at the bottom right side of the window, and you will see the grid of opened tabs. Hold down the tab number displayed at the bottom section to group the tabs you are viewing currently or create a new group.

Scan Word to Know It Better

Suppose you are sitting in an Italian restaurant and want to try something different. But that text on the menu is not enough to understand the recipe and ingredients of the delicacy you are interested in.

iOS 15 new Live Text feature allows you to scan text for images to understand what it actually means. If you are not able to recognize any word, open the camera app, focus the word, and tap the Live Text icon and look up the meaning of the word. You will be able to see the ingredients that the selected item is made up of.

Safeguard Your Contacts

If you ever lost your device or forgot your iPhone’s password, or are not able to access your iPhone due to any other reason, Recovery Contact is still there to help you. You can use your friend’s iPhone to visit the Account Recovery page.

To use this feature, it is mandatory that the other person is above the age of 13 years and must be using iOS 15. You need to share the recovery key with the person to your friend, sibling, or any other person who is helping you with recovery contact.


So there you have it. Hopefully, this article helped you to get acquainted with iOS 15 and what it has to offer. Once you update your iPhone’s operating system to the latest version, you will know what to do.


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