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Things you should know about Tumblr settings

Things you should know about Tumblr settings

Things you don’t know about Tumblr Features

We use tumblr to post blogs and information and support to our main blogs or websites. Here most of the people will use tumblr blogs and pages without having knowledge and how to use them like a pro. We can make lots of changes to our blog using features that you don’t about. Here I am giving list of things and settings that we can use to make our tumblr blog more professional for visitors who look.

For every setting and feature that we have listed here has a solution also. There you can see list of inner links for those features and settings about tumblr blogs.

Tumblr Features

  • Linking social media accounts

Here we all know that we can post anything from one place to all social media sites to save our time for publishing on every website. It is somewhat big task to log on to every social media site and posting link and writing something before posting it. that’s why learn here about how to connect social media sites with tumblr blog.

You can stop sharing to social media account like facebook and twitter if you don’t want to share posts whatever doing from your tumblr blog.

Note: You can add tumblr blog with facebook page instead of linking with facebook account. We can make these changes in mobile app and as well as web version

  • Change time zone

Of course you are at one particular place but your blog is about different place where the time zones are different with your place. At that time you need to add specific targeted country time zone to reach it more people and get more traffic for your Tumblr blog or website. Learn here if you don’t know about how to change tumblr time zone

  • Change language

Don’t go with specific language which you know for your blog on Tumblr just check the language of those people whom you are targeting through blog content. Just go with their preferred language to get more reach and traffic to your content. Of course we can change language of tumblr blog it has supported many languages which you don’t know.

  • Block people

We may get number of followers for your blog which matches to their required things. Here we can block anyone on tumblr if you don’t want to allow them for seeing your content. Like this you can unblock them from tumblr blog whenever you want to allow them for viewing your blog

  • Add image/Avatar/Favicon

We can add an image to display as favicon, profile picture for your account of blog. You just learn about adding favicon to tumblr account

  • Use scheduled posts

Right now at present situation no one will get time to post something at what time they want to publish. That’s why we can use scheduling posts in tumblr blog to publish at exact time even you don’t sit in front of system to do this. Like this we can add number of scheduled posts with your preferred timings.

  • Add custom URL for Blog Posts

Yes we will get default urls whenever we post something on tumblr blogs. We can add custom urls for each post that will help to get ranking on search engines if you use keyword of that post. Learn here about how to add custom url for a blog post on tumblr.

  • Change Tumblr Blog URL/Username

We can change our blog username then automatically its url will be changed on Tumblr.  You can do this change if you don’t like current name or would like to display with a new name for your blogs.

  • Use different themes

By default we will get a theme when we create blogs on Tumblr but it will not like and catchy for users so they will skip your blog to check content. We can change Tumblr blog theme which brings good appearance to your website. There are so many free templates to use without going to anywhere to find out them.

  • Add new pages

You should add different pages for any blog (for example about page) to understand easily for your tumblr blog followers or viewers. Like this you can add contact page for your blog to reach your visitors directly using contact form

  • Link analytics

You should add Google analytics for your blog to track visits about how they are coming and to track organic traffic apart from that bounce rate, performance etc. Everyone should know about how to add analytics to tumblr blog

  • Create new blog using Tumblr App

Everyone have an idea about create a blog using tumblr web but only few people will have idea about creating new blog using app on android, IOS and windows. You should know about how to build new blog on tumblr app so that you can use mobile to operate blogs without using PC’s everytime.

  • Change primary blog with second blog

In tumblr, you can follow and use your account with primary blog only. You should change secondary blog with primary to use or manage all things with second blog.

  • Give admin access to someone

You can give administration rights to anyone for your blog to operate or update your tumblr website when you are busy. You can restrict some features while giving access for security purpose.

  • Delete tumblr blog

You can delete permanently your Tumblr blog when your project was finished or you don’t have any use with it.