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The new 3D animation trends to follow in 2019


When talking about the designing industry, it can be said that animations are holding on strong and continuously growing in the industry. Being associated with the entertainment industry, it has now started to be adopted by many other industries for marketing, advertising and educating purposes.

Being significantly associated with the world known as the global village, it would be a mistake for marketers to underestimate the power of 3D animation in the industry. There are many trending animation styles that are followed by the animators to make amazing and creative visuals and videos to attract the audience. Animators use 3d architectural modeling services to carry out 3D animation tasks and grab the attention of the audience by making mesmerizing videos.

Here are some of the most critical 3D animation styles that are going to stay in trend in 2019 and would be helpful for the animators to stay on the top of the animation and designing industry.

Virtual reality/augmented reality
Virtual reality and augmented reality have been around for quite some time, but it was not until recently that it had made its way into the animation industry. Virtual reality and augmented reality need expert skillset and significant investments. Therefore only the edge companies use the technology for marketing. AR and VR have the capability to create original stories and a strength to attract the customers to your marketing strategies and make you a creative entrepreneur in the industry. This trend is something that you cannot afford to ignore in 2019. AR and VR are based on building a strong bond between the client and the brand. Virtual reality and augmented reality is able to create a path for valuable benefits while spreading the right purpose easily.

Stop motion
Being a part of the past, stop motion was once pushed away from the limelight. However, it has made a comeback with great new opportunities benefiting the marketers and animators. The animators are experimenting with stop motion to create innovative and inspiring videos. It helps to channel and attract viewers with sophisticated yet straightforward approaches.

Illustrations hold much importance in 3D animation. It would be best if you focused on creating amazing visual while making illustrations. It is responsible for explaining what is going on in the video and a process to make the animation and 2019 is going to be all about creating unique and out of this world illustrations without duplicating.

Liquid motion
Liquid motion adds splashes of colors on screen gives an organic or lively feel to an image that otherwise appeared to be flat and lifeless. Colors provide a sense of noise to the video making it more compelling and attention-grabbing for the audience. Liquid motion provide a clean and smooth transitioning effect to the video making it appear like water flowing around. The liquid is transformed into new shapes and texts creating amazing visuals as the video continues to play. It mesmerizes the audience, making the subject of the video more approachable for the viewer making it easy for the individual to understand the message better.

Axonometric Projection
Axonometric projection is used to create pictorial drawings of an object ad the object is rotated around to make one or more axis to reveal multiple sides of the object. It is a fantastic way to make creative and engaging feeling within your animation. Using axonometric projection, a camera moves from X to Y-axis smoothly while animating. It has certain complexities and troubles, but the result is inspiring.

With the evolution of the art of 3D animation being closely attached to the technology used to make it, it is worth looking ahead to the next big technological push in the 3D animation industry. New and advanced technologies are releases every year- from the computer hardware to faster software with advanced capabilities- the technology has helped in making a smooth workflow. Apart from the trends mentioned above of the animation industry, some new trends that are being pursued by skilled animators also include full-body and detailed motion capture, stereoscopic 3D output, point cloud data, real-time workflow capabilities, and virtual studios. Some of these technologies might not be available for all consumers, but they are much beneficial for the marketing and designing industry. So keep practicing to stay on top!


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