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How to Delete Sitemap from Webmaster Tools

remove sitemap from webmasters

Removing sitemap through Search Console

We all use sitemap to add with search console to perform well in search engines and to check all indexing report of pages, posts, images and videos. We may get a chance to delete current stemap to add new sitemap instead of it. If you are adding new sitemap link means, you should remove the sitemap from webmaster tools. For bloggers, initially we may have blogspot in the url for sitemap link but if we add any custom domain to blogger the url of sitemap will be changed so that we need to replace the url in webmaster tools also.

We have discussed in previous article about “how to add sitemap of blogger or website in webmaster tools. Now I am going to show about removing sitemap from webmaster tools. Go through below steps or watch live demo to know “How to delete blogger sitemap from search console.

How to Remove Sitemap from Webmaster Tools

  • Log on to webmaster tools
  • Click on crawl from left side menu
  • Go through sitemap
  • Select or click check box of sitemap section
  • You can see delete button after you clicked check box

how to delete sitemap in webmaster tools

  • Hit delete and click yes button

You have deleted current sitemap of website or blogger. You can add new sitemap to this webmaster tools. You should use proper sitemap to check exact results and report of your website