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How to Disable Blogger Cookies Notification

How to hide Blogger Cookies Notification

How to stop Cookies Notification in Blogger

We all know that and seen getting notification about allow cookies or accept to use website and web pages. We have discussed in previous article about how to add or change cookies notification in blogspot or blogger. Now I am going to explains you about how to stop cookies notification from website or blog which built in BlogSpot

How to change Blogger Cookies Notification

Most of the people will remove total cookies code from blogger template to stop display notification for non EU countries people. But its not the correct way to delete code because we have an easy way to hide cookies notification from blogger. You just follow below steps to know how to disable blogger cookies notification

Steps to hide Cookies Notification

  • Log on to Blogger
  • Click on themes
  • Go through Edit Html
  • Add or paste this below code before </head> tag
<script type="text/javascript">
cookieOptions = {};
  • Save template after added it

You are no longer to get the cookies notification until you remove this code from the template. We can delete these lines from the code to enable cookies notification in Blogger