How to Find Large files in Google Drive

We can search for the large files or folders in Google Drive so that we can delete large files on Drive to get space easily by removing big files from Drive Storage.Go to the google storage near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar in the storage we can you can see a list of your files sorted by size from small to large  and  then remove the unwanted files and the removed will go to   recycle bin to get  more space remove the unwanted ffrom trash box for more infromation go the belwo video....

How to Find Large files in Google Drive

We can check large files from google drive at anytime to get free up space by removing unwanted files which are taking more space by google drive. It will free up some space for your google storage

How to check google drive high storage files

  • Open Google drive 
  • Click on Storage which will be after left menu options
  • Now you can see the list files from high storage to low storage
  • If you click on arrow button it will show from lower to higher size


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