Google Drive Failed Forbidden – Solved

I don’t know why I am unable to download my Google drive files, videos where has it was uploaded myself through drive. I am getting an error like failed-forbidden every time when I try to download files. Earlier I didn’t get any issue when I download files through Google drive. I was wondered why it is happening only few times.

google drive forbidden

Finally I came to know that how to solve this issue of “failed-forbidden” drive error for downloads. Here I am giving simple solution and why that will happen few times when we are downloading our own files also from Google Drive. Here I am giving a live demo along with article in steps wise to get solved “failed-forbidden” error.

How to fix “Failed – Forbidden” in Drive

There so many reasons to get this error while downloading files from Google Drive. It may be slow internet connection; owner of that file not allowed or shared rights with you. Follow below steps if you are getting same error even you are having better internet connection and owner has given full rights to you or you are the owner of those files.

  • Make sure that you are logged in with respected mail id only instead of using 2 to three mails.
  • Browser will not allow you to download if you are logged in with multiple gmail accounts.
  • You should logout from other mails and log in with respected gmail which one has have downloaded files
  • After logged in with specific gmail account you can download drive files without getting “failed – forbidden” error

Alternate method:    

  • Give right click on file which you need to download
  • Copy shareable link
  • Paste it in other browser or incognito window
  • Now you can download it from there (click anyway if you get confirmation box)
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