How to fix UAC Error in XAMPP

We will get UAC Error while we setup or install Xampp software in your local systems. We can fix UAC Error to complete XAMPP Installation safely. This is very common error we may get while installing for the first time only. Once we fixed UAC error we may not get in future 

How to fix UAC Error in XAMPP


How to Fix UAC Error

Fixing this error will have multiple steps and you may get confuse by going to route path from one step to other. That's why i am giving direct URL path to go from your mycomputer address bar or else you can watch below live video to know about fixing UAC Error in Xampp


  • Click Windows and R (run promt)
  • Type regedit and hit enter
  • Go to the folders by following path


  • Double click on EnableLUA
  • Change the value to "0"
  • save it and restart and run xampp installation again
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