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How to add Auto Reply Message to Facebook Page in App

how to add auto reply msg to fb page on app

How to setup Auto Reply Message to FB Page on App

How many of you have own facebook pages and business pages? I know every business and every company needs a facebook page to enlarge their business using facebook promotions. Even though entertainment pages also getting more popular with their posting style and with different meme’s to share fun to their fans who following their pages. Here we are going to know about a feature which improves your business using facebook page.

For suppose, you may get lots of enquires to your business page when you run any service on internet using fb page promotion. You don’t spend all time to sit infornt of desktop or phone to check messages to give instant replies to your business enquires, right. Of course even you customer support team they can’t handle if your page recived lots of messages this happens if you have tens of thousands of followers to your page.

I suggest you and I hope that is an good idea to set up an autoreply for your facebook page enquires so that they will get an instant reply after they sent message to you. That auto reply message would be like “ Thanks for message, we are out at this moment and we will get back to you shortly “ etc etc type of messages to impress your users and they will feel like you people are active and providing a good response to their customers.

Previously facebook has given this auto reply message option for desktop version only. Now they have updated adding auto reply message to facebook pages using mobile app. Now you can setup autoreply message to your fb page on app without sitting in front of desktop all time. Let’s see how we can add this auto reply or auto respond message using facebook app

How to setup Auto Reply Text to FB Page on App

  • Open facebook page on your app
  • Click on 3 horizontal dot icon that you can see at right top corner on your screen
  • Go through edit settings

how to add auto reply to fb page on app

  • Open Message settings

how to setup auto reply to fb page on app

  • Turn on Instant Replies and then click on add or edit your instant reply

add auto reply to fb page on app

  • Add or edit your instant reply message which should be sent when you are off line and save it

auto reply on app

Like this you can add auto reply messages to your facebook page using mobile app that helps to give responses to your customers when you are on offline.