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How to add Send Message button for Facebook Page Posts

add messenger button to facebook posts

How to add Message button for FB Page Post

Hello every one, here we should know what are the updated features in faceboook especially page admins have to update with fb news feed and advanced options. We all know that how to add call to action for page with call now, book now or send message button and many more from available buttons as per your requirement. Now fb has given a special option that you can add send message button for each post when you update on your facebook pages.

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This option has updated for every FB user which are not a matter of which updated version you are using. So every Facebook page admin, editors can add messenger button on their future posts. This feature helps you get more contacts, traffic and branding to your business, website and products. Present days people are very smart becoming lazy to go to call to action button to send messages.

This is the right time to use this “messenger button for every post on fb pages” so that people will reach you directly if they would like to discuss about that post. We have given step by step method and a live demo video for easy understanding. You can come up with your queries using below comment option or else through our social media accounts.

How to add Message button for FB Page Post

Live Demo

  • Log on to Facebook and open page
  • Click on upload or post something
  • Upload picture or video
  • You can see messenger button from the below option
  • Click on messenger button before publish that post on your facebook page

add message button to fb page post

  • You can see send message button for the updated post

Note: You can see that messenger option once you upload something, without uploading anything you can’t see message button option

Uses of adding messenger button for fb page posts:

  • People will interact easily
  • Your page brand will increase
  • You get more leads without paid because before it will come in paid ads