How to turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

Are you looking to know about how we change default background of facebook account in web or app so that you can use fb with preferred background from available options given by it. ofcourse you may have question that why need to change default white background which is helpful to during night hours white background may effect eyes and it will be brighten and disturb to others if anyone besides you. So you need to enable dark mode on facebook app or web application to use it best way for your eyes also

How to turn on Dark Mode on Facebook

We can enable and disable dark mode on Facebook web and app at anytime.go to the facebook account on there right top corner there you can see Display & Accessibility in that click on darkmode for more infromation go through the video 

How to Enable Darkmode on Facebook 

  • Open Facebook on your device
  • Go to the Facebook Account
  • login to the facebook account in web
  • Click on right top corner for Display & Accessibility
  • Click on Display & Accessibility
  • Under the Dark Mood click the circle next to On to Enable
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