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How to add Stories for Facebook Page

add stories to facebook page

How to add Stories to Facebook Page

Here we are back with an outstanding news for the people who are having facebook pages. You can add or update stories with your fb pages so that you can reach all fb users with your stories and status pictures, text, live and many more. Previously we got an update to add stories for your facebook account only.

This fb page stories is best way to reach all your fans at a time and everyday you can add stories to reach them. Our posts will not reach all the people when you update pictures and posts in page because it will go down in news feed within one hour, because there is lot of posts will update for every second from pages, friends, groups etc.

Benfits of facebook page story or status update

  • Your story can reach all users who have liked your facebook page
  • You can advertise if you have product base page
  • You can announce any new updates about your business

Like this you have lot of benefits with Facebook page stories or status picture, video updates. Here I am giving simple steps to know how to add stories for facebook pages

How to add facebook page stories

Live Demo

  • Open facebook app on your device
  • Click on Add story tab from home screen of facebook app

fb page story option

  • Choose picture or capture live with camera
  • Now click on continue butoon

fb page story update

  • In the top section you can see change option, click on it

how to add story to fb page

  • Choose any page from your following pages list

how to add facebook page stories

  • Now choose your story and then click continue button
  • You can see now your page story from stories list on your facebook account

add stories to facebook pages

Like this you can update facebook page story every day or at any time with required page from your list of pages. You can come up with any queries regarding how to add story for a fb page or how to add facebook page status.