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How to Check Joined date in Facebook


How to Check Joined date in Facebook

Hello facebook users, how many of you know that to find out your joined date in facebook? that to without using any tools and tricky ways. If yes is ok and if you don’t know about fb joined date for your account you should follow below steps and get your joined date for your facebook account.

We should know that minimum joined date in facebook so that we can tell anyone that you are using fb from since that year or that month. We have one simple method to check facebook account joined for any account. You can watch this live demo for easy understanding and follow screen shots which given below

How to know that Joined date in Facebook

Live Demo

  • Log on to your fb account
  • Click on profile
  • Click on edit option form the Intro section of your profile that you can see clearly in screen shot

find fb joined date

  • You will get pop up tab will come
  • Scroll down and there you will get your joined date in facebook

how to check joined date in facebook

Like this we can check our joined date or created date of facebook profile for any account. Follow our facebook tips and tricks to know all hidden features of facebook