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How to Create Reminders in Facebook Messages

how to create reminders in messenger

How to Set Reminders Inside Facebook Messenger

In updated messenger, we got a new feature that we can create reminder inside messages. In this reminder you can add date of the event or plan, exact time to meet or come and place of the meeting. You can share this reminder to anyone from your friend’s list through message. It helps them to you and them to remind your plan of the date and time on that day.

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We can create reminders on our mobiles but we can’t share it to others with whom you are going to plan or event. In this reminder you can create plans with anyone. You can use these reminders for everything like exam, dinner, movie and many more. I have given simple and clear step by step method with screen shots to know how to create reminders through messages on messenger App

Note: You can’t create new reminder with that contact till finish that reminder

How to set Reminders in Messenger

  • Open messenger App
  • Choose person or friend to whom you want to share reminder
  • Click on plus(+) symbol

set up reminders on messenger

  • Choose plans

how to set reminder in fb messenger

  • Set date and time by clicking date and time features in the pop up box

how to create plans reminder on messenger

  • Now your reminder has been created
  • Click on the event to edit with place, and title of event

how to create reminder on messenger

  • Add place, title and update it

how to set fb message reminder