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How to Find Numeric ID of Facebook Page/Profile

How to Find Numeric ID of Facebook Page or profile

How to find FB profile Numeric ID

Hello facebook users, how many of you know that hot to get find out numeric id of your profile or your page id? If yes ok but if have no idea then follow our methods which we have given below. There are 3 ways to find your facebook page or profile numeric ID with and without using any tools on internet. You can follow any one method which you like to use easy for you.

Why we need Facebook Profile or page ID

We can use in several places like to install plug-ins in wordpress or blogger any other platforms there you need to add these ids instead of following all methods which have given by online websites to add facebook plug-ins to your websites. In fb data base, your names will not saved and it will save your profile and page as Numeric ID’s to identify you

Let’s have a look on all three methods which help us to identify Numeric ID’s of Facebook profiles and pages.

Method 1:

Using Profile Picture

  • Click on your profile picture
  • You just see the url structure
  • There you can see your page id or profile id like just shown in the below screen shot

numeric id of facebook page

Note: It will place between dot (.) and slash (/)

Method 2 (Sometimes it will not work)

Using Facebook Graph API

  • This is the best one to get your numeric ID’s of fb pages and profile
  • You just open this link https://graph.facebook.com/onlinetipszone on any browser (repalce onlinetipszone with your page name as per the profile urls and fb usernames)
  • It is the most reliable and professional way to detect your Facebook page numeric ID. To do so, you just need to visit this link
  • You can see it on ID section from the your data base

Method 3

Using Online Tool

  • You just open this link ( http://findmyfbid.com/)
  • Copy and paste your profile url page url in the box

how to find facebook numeric id

  • Click on find my id
  • It will show your ID on your screen

how to fb profile id

These are the 3 methods which are best to detect your fb numeric ids for any pages and profiles. You can ask us for any tips and queries through comments or mails etc