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How to Find Facebook Page url on mobile

how to find facebook Page url on mobile

How to get facebook page link on App

Hello everyone, we are here with new tips which helps you to findout any link of facebook pages on mobile app. We all can copy links directly if you are using desktop or laptop with facebook web version. But we are unable to see url of any page which you open on app. Of course you can share page names to your friends to open it but there is chance to get lot of pages which are similar to that name.

This is the reason you should send direct link of page to your friends so that they can open exact page without confusion and saving time on searching with page names. Here we have an option to copy page urls to send through messengers if not you can send page link directly through facbeook message option. Let’s see how to get link of any page on facebook app to share it with friends and followers.

How to copy facebook page url in app

Live Demo

  • Open fb app on your device
  • Go through page which you want to get link of it
  • You can see 3 horizontal dot icon at right top corner, just click on it

how to get fb page link on app

  • You will get pop up then scroll down until you see copy link
  • Click on copy link (it will be copied paste anywhere to send on messengers)

how to copy page link in fb app

  • Or else you can click on share message link
  • You can choose any messenger app to send it with preferred people

Like this you can copy any page link on facebook app to share it with others instead of saying page names to them for searching. Don’t waste time by searching with names suggest them by sending page links direct using share message link.