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How to Hide Facebook Joined date


How to Hide Facebook Account Created date

We have discussed earlier to know when you joined in facebook and when your friends joined with date and time. Now I got so many requests to tell how to hide FB joined date to others from profile lookup. Of course I tried to hide to my joined date in facebook from profile so now no one can see my joined date even I to can’t see until enable to show joined date from settings.

Why need to hide FB Joined date?

All right, you may ask us that why we need to hide it. I will say it your wish to hide it or not for me I don’t want to say people from that date I am using facebook so that they will get  an idea on me this guy is using it from so many years and months which I don’t like to call me or talk about me like that. That’s why I have hided my fb join date and here I am sharing how to do that from your profile.

How to hide fb Join Date

Live Demo

  • Log on to facebook account
  • Click on profile button or open your profile from fb page
  • Click on edit button from intro of your that you can see left side on your screen under your profile picture

hide fb joined date

  • Scroll down until you see joined date option
  • Just unclick the box then it is no longer to visible to viewers

how to hide fb joined date

Like this you can hide your facebook joined date from your friends, followers and when anyone open your profile. Again you do same procedure and enable that box from fb join date to show your join date or facebook account created date