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How to Hide Facebook Post from Specific People

how to hide facebook post from specific people

How to Hide Facebook Post from Specific People

You can hide some specific people to get your facebook posts on their news feeds. You can use this trick for some perticuler posts which you want to hide from someone or group of people from your friends list. Of course we don’t have all known friends on our friends list so that we may get a chance to hide some posts to do not reach them

How to Share Facebook Posts with Specific People

You can add number of people here to hide your facebook post so that you will be safe from those people is unable to view your post. Like this you can stop reaching your facebook post from selected people. I have given here step by step guide along with a live demo for easy understanding

How to Hide Facebook Posts from Certain People

Live Demo

  • Log on to facebook
  • Create any post
  • Click on drop down arrow of public or hover your mouse on public button
  • Click friends except from the drop down

how to hide fb post from someone

  • Select people and save it and publish it

hide facebook post from people

Your post will not reach to those persons whom you have added in the list. Like this you can escape from facebook irritated people with your facebook posts. They are no longer to hit like, comments for your facebook post