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How to send Location through Facebook Messenger

how to share location on messenger

Share Location via Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is using by every smart phone users in present days. You can use it for calling as audio and video calls and secret chats and many more updated features has been built in app. You can share your current locations to your friends so that they can reach you easily using Google maps without asking anyone for the address.

I have given in previous article about how to change facebook username in messenger and now I am going to tell you about how to share location on messenger with your friends, relatives, and colleagues etc in one second. You can watch live demo to know “how to send your location through messenger” and ask through below comments for any queries.

How to share Location in Facebook Messenger

  • Open your messenger App on device
  • Choose friend or someone to send location

share location to messenger freinds

  • Click on + button from left bottom corner

send location on messenger

  • Click on location symbol or icon

how to send location through fb messenger

  • Tap share live location for 60 min

share location on messenger

Like this you can share location to anyone on messenger with fb friends. It will not work after 60 minutes from the time you sent as message on messenger.