How to recall an Email in Gmail

Sometimes we send mails accidentally without finishing text in mail box. So that it will create a bad opinion on us if it is professional message or mail. That’s why I have given some simple steps to how to delete or recall or edit sent message in Gmail

undo email in gmail

Are you worrying about sending mails accidentally and how to undo sent mails after delivered in Gmail? Don’t worries we have an option which was provided by Google that we can recall or edit sent message after delivered it

Uses of set up Undo mail Option on Gmail

  • We can get back delivered mail before they open Gmail
  • We can recall mails if we send accidentally
  • Your mail will not sent if you click on undo after you sent accidentally

How to Recall Email in Gmail

Live Demo


  • Log on to Gmail
  • Click on settings that you will get from the dropdown after clicked gear or settings icon at right top corner
  • You will get settings section in that search for Undo Send section
  • Click on enable box and select seconds to undo mail after we sent
  • You will get yellow text after sent any mail. In that you can see undo option for your last sent mail

Like this you can set undo option for sent mails in Gmail so that we can secure from accidental sending mails, professional mails and incomplete mails. Go through live demo video which has given above if you are unable to understand from the following steps. like this we can set or add undo option for sent mails in Gmail

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