How to do Gmail search by size

We have lot of hidden options and settings in Gmail that we don’t know and never use. We can search Gmail all at a time based on size of mails. It means you can search mail by size like this we can delete all mails at a time which have more size on Gmail. No need to search for one by one mail which has more size and which has less size.

gmail search by size

We can choose a specific size and use to search mails to delete them or any other purpose. I have given already how to search mails by date in Gmail. It is also similar to searching mails with date wise. Go through the steps or watch live demo to know “how to search mail by size on Gmail.

How to find emails with size in Gmail

  • You should give minimum figure in size on Gmail search bar like shown in below quotes


  • if you use this structure over search bar on Gmail, it will filter out all emails within the size what you have given are more than it (larger)
  • Use this syntax if you want to search larger mails from specific sender or person
  • This will filter out all emails that are 5MB or larger. You can use it with other parameters as well such as the sender name. To combine the two, use the following syntax;

Sender Name size:4MB (ravi size:4MB)

Note: add name and required size from the above syntax

  • Use this syntax if you want to find larger size mails than given size


  • You can use size in bites instead of using MB like we can use 50000 instead 0.5MB


How to find small size emails in Gmail

  • Syntax to use to search small size mail in Gmail

smaller: size in MB  (smaller:1MB)

How to find emails within a size range

  • It is somewhat different to search within a size range like between specific sizes from smaller to larger etc. I have given syntax below to use on Gmail search bar

larger:size in MB smaller:size in MB (larger:5MB smaller:2MB)

  • add sender name before syntax if you want search mails from a specific person

Gmail has allowed these search process using sizes from 2 years so we can use it whenever we need to search large size files from senders on Gmail. You can ask through comments and social media profiles for any queries regarding this.

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