How to stop Nudge in hike

I hope you all know about what is nudge in hike messenger, right. Actually hike has introduced it to similar like poke button which has sign in facebook. But hike has given default sending option when you give double tap on screen during chat on hike. It will send when you click screen accidentally that’s why some people has got irritated with this Nudge feature which is sent a hand or finger symbol in chat.

stop nudge in hike

I have tried to stop sending nudge icon or emoji to my hike contacts during chat that’s why I am sharing here my experience on how to turn off nudge in Hike messenger. You can use it if you want to tell them that you remembered and you poked them in symbolically. Go through below steps to know how to stop nudge in hike messenger.
How to stop nudge symbol on hike chat

How to Disable Nudge in Hike Messenger

Live Demo

  • Open hike on your device
  • Click on profile button that you can see right bottom corner on your screen
  • Go through Settings
  • Open chat settings
  • Disable or turn off Double tap to Nudge option

Now you can check yourself on hike weather nudge is coming or not when you tapped screen. Like this you can stop sending nudge to hike friends during chat session. Come to us to know more information about on this topic.

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