How to turn off comments for Instagram post

Every day we upload many photos and stories through our Instagram account. Of course we may get comments from the followers with compliments on post. We have seen that has came up with so many changes and updates in features especially in comments for Instagram account and particular posts. Earlier it has updated feature to block comments automatically if those comment has any specific words which we don’t like to post on our account.

turn off comments for instagram post

Now it has automatically stopping or blocking comments for perticuler words which means abuse or Inappropriate words. In recent times Instagram has given new feature that we can stop comments for a single or particular Instagram post so that no one can place comments for your posts. Just follow below steps or check out live demo video if you want to know to turn off comments for Instagram posts.

Note: You can make these changes and setting through mobile application only. There is no option to block comments for post on Instagram web

How to Turn off Instagram Post comments

  • Open Instagram app on your device
  • Click on Profile Symbol/Button
  • Choose any picture or post which you posted earlier
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon that you can see at right top corner of that post
  • Select turn off comments

Now your followers are no longer to put comments for the picture or your Instagram. You can turn off comments for that post in future whenever you want

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