How to connect Instagram with Facebook

We are discussed about how to block, unblock someone on Instagram account in previous article. Here we go to know how to connect all other social media accounts with in Insta app. sharing our stories is become daily task for everyone who have smart phones in now a days. It kills our time to post or upload status, picture or videos for every social media account.

connect instagram with social media sites

There are updated features for all social media sites like this for instagram, you can connect few social media accounts with Instagram so that your insta posts will share automatically to those social media websites when you upload photos on Instagram account. It will save your time and it easier than other networks to link or add with social media sites like facebook, twitter and tumble.

Note: You can’t make these changes on Instagram Web and should go through mobile app to link social media sites on Instagram

How to Link Instagram with Facebook and Twitter

Live Demo


  • Open app on your device
  • Navigate to profile button
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon that you can see right top corner your screen
  • Scroll down and open Linked Accounts
  • You can see list of social media sites which you can link with Instagram
  • Click on site and log on to link them

Like this you can connect all social media sites which are shown in the linked accounts. Your photos will be share automatically when you update new posts.

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