How to see old Comments on Instagram

We can find old comments on Instagram from the past or opened date of your insta account,go to your instagram profile and click on three dots on right of the coner, and then go to your activity  see the comments sort and filter from old to the new comments for more infromation go through the below video

How to see old Comments on Instagram

We can check our old comments which posted on Instagram posts and videos. Go through article to see old comments which you posted earlier on Instagram. We may posts number comments on photos, videos and posts on Instagram but we may forgot on which post you commented after few days. So that you have an option to check your old comments which you have posted on Instagram account.

How to see past comments on Instagram

  • Open instagram on your device
  • Click on profile from bottom right corner
  • Click on 3 line icon from top right corner
  • Go through Your Activity
  • Click on Interactioons
  • Choose comments and open
  • There you can see the list of total comments in Instagram posted by you


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