How to change Pinterest language

Every blogger and website users should have an idea about what is Pinterest, its uses and how to use it for promotions. I can tell you one thing that Pinterest is very popular comparing to all other social media sites. It is a platform where we will get new ideas, topics, followers and friends. It allows users to post or share website links, images direct from the web without spending more time to copy paste all the things from your websites.

change pinterest language

You can use it even you don’t have knowledge on English where has it has option of changing Pinterest language with preferred one. You need to take few steps to make these changes on your account. Of course you can change it to default language in future. Follow my steps or guidelines to know how to change language on Pinterest.

Steps to change Pinterest Language

Live Demo


  • Log on to Pinterest
  • Click on 3 horizontal dot icon
  • Go through edit settings from drop down menu
  • There you can see language section
  • Just click on it choose preferred language from available langauge
  • Now select save settings

Like this you can change Pinterest Language at any time with your mother tongue. Here you can see live demo if you are not able to understand these step by step guide

Benefits of changing language of Pinterest

  • You can understand usage of it without having English knowledge
  • No need to confuse while using without having English knowledge
  • You can target your local people who are using same language
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