How to change ScoopIt topic URL | Add domain to ScoopIt

You will get default url for every scoop it once you created but you can’t see option to edit url. I have seen in many forums that people are searching for changing the url of scoop it and its topics url. Here you have two options to know how to change url of any topics on Scoop It. I am giving here detailed steps to know how to customize url of topics in Scoop it.

custom url to scoopit

Every social media sites give options to customize urls to share or tell easy to someone. They can open easily if your url will looks more catchy. In scoop it, you can add custom domain if you have or customize url with required name to makes it more catchy. Remember one thing you can edit urls of scoop it when you upgraded to business plan.

How to change url of Scoop It topics

  • Log on to your account
  • Click on profile to enter dashboard
  • Choose required topic to change urls
  • Go through integration from header menu
  • Go through change url or domain from left side menu
  • Edit url by choosing your topic url
  • Add custom domain by choosing custom domain option

Note: you can’t do these settings if you are using free plan

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