How to add theme in ScoopIt

We can use number of templates to change appearance of your topic on Scoop It. It will give a default template once you created but it looks very simple and not impress to catchy. I searched for a solution to find is there any chance to use templates or themes for my topic on Scoop It. Finally I found an option to change template for topics on it.

scoopit topic change

I am going to give you detailed tutorial on this to know every scoop it user about how we can use templates or themes on it. You can see previews before adding templates for your topics. So that you can use best them which you liked in preview session. Like this you can change templates any time to change look of your scoop it topic from time to time.

How to change scoopit template

  • Log on to your account
  • Click on profile
  • Open topic which you want to change theme
  • Choose topic settings
  • Go through customization from left side menu
  • Click on browse templates
  • Choose any theme and click save button
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