How to Change Scoop It username and Password

Scoop It will ask default username and password while you are creating account first time. Username will be display under every article or post you shared on your account. We can change username of scoop it at any time if you are not satisfied with current name which displays as your account name.

scoopit username and password change

I have given about how to link social media sites with scoop it in previous article. This article will tell you about how to edit scoop it username and password. You can come up with queries if you have any regarding this topic. Every scoop it user must know about these simple features to get success on getting users from it.

Scoop It username and password change

  • Log on to Scoop It Account using credentials
  • Click on drop down button that you can see at profile picture
  • Open settings from options
  • Edit username from username section
  • Change password from the password section
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