What Is a Canonical Tag | Benfits of Canonical Tag

It is part of HTML header of web page where you can put at the section of Meta tags of website. Canonical Tag helps to show original content or link to any search engine. We can use Canonical tag to declare that have original page for any duplicate page or any single page. Search engines will understand the duplicate content issues through canonical tag. Like this search engine will give ranking to content of original source URL

canonical tag uses

Syntax of Canonical Tag:

You may have full knowledge on SEO and search engines friendly website rules etc but you may miss to add canonical tag to your website. If you use templates or any news to your website it will come directly in code. But you must edit your website to show originality to search engines. The below tag is sample of the Canonical Tag.


Procedure to add Canonical Tag to your website:

Add above link tag to your web page header to recognize Google your web page as canonical


The Canonical code for the following website or web page www.onlinetipszone.com is

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