How to change Language in Skype

There are number of people preferred Skype to manage video calls for business or personal usage. I have seen that so many people are searching for language settings in Skype desktop app as well as for desktop versions. Here  am going to tell you in details about how to change Skype language on web.

how to change language in skype

Why need to change Skype language

Of course, it gives default language as English which is familiar to every user from any country or region but the think is few people are not familiar with default languages they might like to change to their local languages like Hindi, Russian  etc. for those reasons there is an option to change Skype account language

How to change Skype language

  • Open Skype on your device
  • Click on Tools from the menu
  • Go through Change Language
  • There you can see available languages  list

how to change language of skype

  • Click on it and choose your preferred language

Like this you can set any language for your Skype for desktop and laptop version. You can come up with any queries regarding this topic.

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