How to Disable Chat in Google Pay

We all know that Google has introduced a payment app which known as Tez app but it has renamed to Google Pay in the first month of September 2018. In the beginning it has given option to make payments only with exiting offers like scratch cards etc. later it introduces chat option which is attracted so many users

Disbale tez chat

Google pay or tez app chating option helps everyone to discuss something before making payments on it. But it is creating disturbances to few people who don’t want to see their messages. For those people here you have an option to hide chat or disable chat option on tez app or Google pay. So that you can’t or never get messages from that contact or user until you enable chat for him.

I am going to teach you about how we can stop someone messages on tez or google pay without blocking users. Go through below steps or live demo for clear procedure and get back to us with any queries and tips if required

Disable chat in Tez or Google Pay

Live Demo

  • Open Google Pay/ Tez app on your device
  • Open user or conversation of person whom you want to stop sending messages
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon that you can see at right top corner on screen
  • Select on disable chat option
  • Again choose disable chat to confirm

Finally you did, so you cannot get messages from that user it means he will not get an option to send messages to you. Hope this article helps you and keep support us by following us on Facebook, twitter and YouTube

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