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How to take backup settings on Netgear Router


How to Backup Netgear Settings

We all know that taking backup is mandatory part while we are making changes in anywhere like website, photoshop, coding etc. Like this we should take backup netgear router current settings while we are doing any changes on it. It helps to restore settings if anything goes wrong on making changes.

How to restore default settings in Netgear

I have seen in many forums that people are asking for solution about netgear settings issues etc. We don’t need to worry about netgear settings if we do anything wrong because we have backup and we know how to restore netgear router settings to default. Go through below steps to know about taking router settings backup

How to backup netgear router settings

  • Log on to netgear using IP ( through any browser
  • Use admin as username and password as password only
  • Click on advanced
  • Open administration from left side menu
  • Go through backup settings
  • Click on backup to save a file with current settings in netgear router

how backup settings in netgear