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How to Block Pop Ups Ads Spam in Firefox Browser

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How to Block Pop Ups Ads in Firefox

Safe browsing is very important to get relief from hacking and attacking virus to our systems or lap tops whatever you use to browse. Generally, people will get confuse while using Firefox browser about where to add extensions and where we will get plug-ins and how to delete unwanted plug-ins from browser and many more.

Here we are giving small tutorial with images that will give clear idea and proper structure to go where ever you want in Firefox browser. We will get lot of ads even we have ad blocks and etc tools because of some plug-ins may install without knowing us during browse everyday or due to spam websites etc. So we need to take care about the unwanted ads and plug-ins in your browser. We need to uninstall all extensions which will give unwanted ads and pop-ups during browsing. Just follow below images to find where we need to go to remove those extensions and all. Still if you want any information just comment below to get in touch with us. We will let you know for better solutions.

How to remove unwanted ads from your Firefox browser

In the first image you can find that tab option at right top corner then you should go with the add-ons to get extensions and pop-ups bar


after opening that add-ons, you will get a tab with the following list content etc. you should go with the content to get below image format

firefox extensions

Go with whatever you want from the list like to get ad-ons or plug-ins, extensions etc. you should go through extensions to remove unwanted pop-ups and ads from browser

firefox add-ons

Just click uninstall and remove them from the list to get safe browsing and to be secure from unwanted ads and pop-ups

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Check below images that how it will appear when with unwanted ads or extensions etc and how it will appear after removal of ads or extensions.

Firefox browser Before unwanted extensions and ad-ons

firefox ad removal

Firefox browser after removal of unwanted extensions and ad-ons

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