How to change act WiFi password

In this article I am going to show about how to change ACT WiFi password. Every router owner may get issues of leaking or revealing passwords to neighbors and they will use our internet data more than we are using. I am giving simple tutorial of changing password of Beam Wi-Fi router.

change act wifi password

I have seen that in many forums, websites and comments regarding password change in Beam router because it is not easy to change beam router password comparing to all routers. You can change passwords of routers at any time and any number of times. You can watch live demo below for clear understanding. Follow steps and change your beam router password to secure or stop other users log in to your Wi-Fi network

Note: These changes will apply when you have same account for the act fibernet wifi and  internet connection which you are using while changing act wifi password

How to change Act WiFi password

Live Demo

  • Open any browser
  • Type/copy this IP in address bar and hit enter ( )
  • Use default username and passwords in beam fibernet router login section
  • Type username as admin and use password as radinet_admin

beam wifi password change

  • You can see dashboard on screen 
  • click on wireless from menu and go through SSID from drop-down menu
  • Change password at Preshared Key from WPA section
  • Click apply button after you changed password

how to change beam router password

  • You should reboot your beam router after applied changes
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