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How to change Language on Webmail


How to change webmail language on Roundcube

We have given tutorial on how to add signature on webmail in previous article. In this article is about how to change language of webmail in roundcube. We all know that we use webmails for official mail which was taken by domains and hosting services. it will give English as default language while setting up webmail account.

Few people are searching for changing language for their webmail accounts into their preferred language for their convenience. Here you go from the following steps and screen shots you can learn about how to add preferred language on webmail. I use roundcube for the webmail access that’s why i am sharing about roundcube on webmail.

How to change webmail language

  • Log on to webmail with credentials
  • Click on settings icon that you can see right top corner on webmail section
  • Go through preference and click on user interface
  • There you can see language change option

how to change webmail language

  • Tap drop-down button and choose required language
  • Save settings