How to change Password on Netgear Router

We have discussed about how to change wifi name of netgear router in previous article. Now I am going to give tutorial on changing wifi password of Netgear router. We may get time to change wifi password due to leakage of password with unknown persons or neighbors. They may use total data from your wireless network so that we should change netgear default wifi password to avoid them using our internet

change netgear password

We can call wifi password of netgear as passphrase or security key and it is same for windows or mac any other versions. You can do it using Ethernet cable or using OTA. Let’s go through below step by step guide to know how to change wifi password of netgear wireless router. Follow these steps blindly to change password and like this you can change netgear wifi password at any time using netgear genie dashboard

How to change Wi-Fi password of netgear

  • Use this IP address ( from any browser to logon to netgear dashboard (Check screenshot)
  • Use username as admin and password as password
  • Click on wireless option from left side menu
  • In the security options, you can see password box
  • Add new password

change netgear wifi password

  • Click on apply button to change netgear wifi password
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