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How to check connected Devices on Netgear

how to check connectde devices in neatgear wifi

How to check connected devices in Netgear Router

We can’t see how many devices are using our internet directly. We should log on to netgear router dashboard to check conncted devices list with our wifi of netgear wireless network router. Follow below steps or watch live demo to know how to see which devices are using netgear wifi or internet. It will show connected devices name and mac addresses of those devices so that you can any device is using without asking you or unknown devices.

How to see connected devices list in Netgear WiFi

  • Open netgear dashboard by using this IP ( through any browser
  • Use admin as username and password as password to logon
  • Go through advanced settings instead of seeing basic settings
  • Click on attached devices from left side menu

how to check connectde devices in neatgear router

  • You can see list of connected devices to your Wifi network on Netgear router

Like this you can see the devices list with count and names of their mobiles and versions which are connected to netgear wireless router. Like this you can find anyone added or using your internet without knowing you. This list helps you to check current connected devices to netgear router to use internet over wifi connection