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Everyone should know that what is Google bot and how it works. It is Google’s robot or some will call as spider and it will crawl web everyday to discover or check the updated web pages. You need to make sure about that Googlebot is crawled your site or not because your site web pages will not index immediately when you add or update in your website.

google last visit

How to check Googlebot last access information

I have seen and observed that many people will use online tools to check Google crawled dates about indexed pages and Google bot last checked date for websites or blogs. No idea how it will show exact details or not so here I am showing you best way to check Google robo last crawl through Google search engine.

You will get exact Googlebot crawled date when you look at Google's cache of a web page that you can check directly though cache page or you can get that Cached link under your website url (search url through Google). You will get Google spider last visited dates at the top of your web page after clicking Cached link. See the below screen shots to know how to check cached date or Googlebot last visit

Watch this video to see live demo of "How to check Googlebot Last visit our site"

Live Demo

  • Paste your website url in Google search bar 
  • Now click the down arrow button/symbol that you can find after url from searched results
  • Click on cache you will get last cached date of your website or web page

This cache date will be change or different for every web page. You can check Googlebot last access for every page on your website and we can use tools to check Google bot last visited your web pages or websites

Few sites we have found which gives better results

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