How to check Dofollow and Nofollow Lnks

People will use mostly tools to check no follow links on Internet or from any website. Here I am sharing some simple steps to find weather the link is no follow or do follow link. We will use to post our site links and our content to many different sites through guest posts or blog commenting, link building like this we can share. Here you need to confirm once before contribute content to them i.e. giving No follow link or do follow link for particular pages where you want to share like categories and sub categories.

how to check nofollow links

How To Check Do Follow or NoFollow Link in website

  • Give right click on any link to check nofollow
  • Now go to inspect element 
  • If you see no follow attribute it is no follow link. You can's see nofollow attribute means it is do follow link only

How to check Dofollow or Nofollow websites

  • Open website home page and Give right click
  • Go to page source (Ctrl+U)
  • Click ctrl+f
  • Search for nofollow from page source
  • If it shows nofollow it is no follow website so don’t choose them for sharing your content with those websites
  • If no follow comes in comment section that will give no follow tag if you add any link in comments

Note: Make sure that No follow tag for comments or not and if comments means don’t write any comments under any posts on that website.

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