How to Check RAM Type

Everyone knows that RAM plays major role of your computer or laptop device performance. Most of people will go with big size like 4gb, 8gb etc but no one cares about which version it has like DDR2 or DDR3 or any other.

ram ddr

Why we should know about our RAM version?

Yes, we should have knowledge on it. Because when you want to increase your ram to improve performance of speed and run better for you work get finish faster. In that case you should purchase or insert RAM with same version of old one then only it will work perfect without getting any issue in future.

Ok, now let’s see about how to find ddr version of RAM of any computer, laptop devices

How to Check RAM Version

  • Switch on your computer
  • Give right click on taskbar section 
  • Now open task manager
  • Click on performance tab from right side tab

Note: click on more if you are unable to see tabs like performance etc

  • Open memory from left side options 
  • Now you can see your RAM version in right side top corner with size of ram and its version like DDR 3 or DDR 4

Live Demo 


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