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How to Open Onscreen Keyboard in Windows 10


How to open on-screen keyboard

I have seen in many forums and websites people are posting solutions for keyboard keys are not working and is there any way to get keyboard on desktop without downloading any app. Yes we have one option from windows operating systems that gives an On-Screen keyboard. It helps you to opearate without touching you keyboard keys and you can type whatever you want by touching keys with mouse on On-Screen Keyboard

How to open On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8, 8.1 & 7

Using on-screen keyboard is different for all windows versions. It is quite different to open on Windows 8, 7 comparing to 10. Windows 10 have best easy shortcut to use on-screen keyboard with the help of mouse or touch screen. Follow below step by step methods to use or open keyboard on desktop directly

How to use On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10

Here we have two methods to open On-Screen keyboard so follow any one method which you feel easy and simple

Live Demo

Method 1:

  • Open your laptop home screen
  • Give mouse right click on taskbar
  • You will get menu by giving right click on Taskbar

how to use onscreen keyboard on windows 10

  • You can see Show touch keyboard button option from the menu
  • Click on it or enable it. You can see keyboard symbol on your task bar like shown in the screen shot
  • You will get on-screen keyboard by clicking on keyboard icon

how to get on-screen keyboard on 10

  • You can move or adjust that on-screen keyboard anywhere on your screen (you must click that box as shown in the screen shot to move it)

onscreen keyboard on windows 10

Method 2: (This is for all version of windows 7,8,10)

  • Click start or windows button
  • Type onscreen keyboard on search box
  • You will get On-Screen Keyboard default app

on-screen keyboard in windows 10

  • Click on it and use on-screen keyboard without using keyboard

Uses of On-Screen Keyboard

  • It will help to type anything if physical keyboard will damage or not work
  • You can play games with on-screen keyboards
  • Some keyboard will not have special keys for + and – buttons so you can use this On-Screen keyboard to get special buttons