How to hide Blue Ticks on Whatsapp

Hi guys you have a new tip that you can disable blue ticks to don't get for messages who sent you through whatsapp. It has given for the latest updated app on android, ios and windows mobiles that is to disable blue ticks. Your contacts are no longer to find out that you have seen and read your whatsapp messages when you put in disable mode of read and seen for getting blue ticks option.

turn off Blue Tick in WhatsApp

Earlier there is no option to stop blue ticks where has blue ticks introduced by whatsapp but after so many requests and complaints they have updated this feature has been updated.  Now whatsapp users can disable it who don’t want to get blue ticks for the security and personal issues but by default it will give enable to get blue ticks. Now I am going to show you how we can disable blue ticks on whatsapp android. You can come up with comments and fb to know how to stop blue ticks in whatsapp windows and other.

How to disable Blue Ticks in Whatsapp

Live Demo


  • Open app on your device
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon that you can see at right top corner
  • Go through settings
  • Open Account settings
  • Go through privacy settings
  • Scroll down and unclick or disable read receipts

Now you have disabled blue ticks for your whatsapp so now no one will get blue ticks even you read their messages. It will be shown as grey ticks only it means that message has delivered to you.

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