How to Unblock Someone on ACT Wifi

We may block so many users from using internet of beam router or ACT Fiber Wi-Fi network. We can unblock them whenever we want them to allow use our internet connection. Follow below steps or watch live demo to know how to unblock someone from beam Wi-Fi network device

unblock someone on act wifi

Note: These changes will apply when you have same account for the beam router and your internet connection

How to Block users on Beam Router

How to unblock users on ACT Fiber Router

Live Demo


  • Open any browser
  • Type this IP in address bar and hit enter (IP:
  • Use default beam router logins (Username: admin  & password: radinet_admin)
  • Click on firewall from menu
  • Go through MAC filtering from drop-down menu
  • Below you can see blocked users, just click on remove and click apply button
  • Reboot router after you did above changes
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