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How to Setup Guest Network on Netgear router


How to create Guest network in Netgear Router

We can set up 2 networks through any router one if for official and other one is for guests we can call it as Guest network. I am giving here detailed tutorial about how to setup guest network through netgear router. Follow below stepsĀ  or watch live demo to know how to create a guest network over netgear wireless router

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Creating a guest network is best way to let your neighbors or friends to access your internet without allowing them to use your official network. You should give guest network access to your friends or any other person instead of giving personal network access to them. Use WPA2 and a strong password for security purpose on your netgear wirless network

How to Set Up Guest Access on Netgear Wireless Network

  • Log on to netgear dashboard using this IP ( through any browser
  • Click on advanced
  • Open set up and choose Guest network from drop-down menu
  • You can change guest network name from wireless settings profile
  • Enable guest network
  • Choose WPA 2 in security section
  • Click Apply button

how to create guest networks in netgear